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Here is how some of our members view the Club

"I have been a member of the Club for 15 years.  I have very much enjoyed and appreciated the great support, friendly competition, and comradery among these 70+ men.  I also enjoy playing several different courses and with different people on a regular basis."- Joe Petrovich
"...A couple of things come to mind. 1. Great fellowship with great people. 2.We have the advantage of getting good rates from different courses. 3.Have had great organizers. And Jean (his wife) says: It gets the fellas out of the house."-Curt Bresee
 "I have been a ;member of the Club for three years since moving here from Boise and have thoroughly enjoyed it. We  play three different, challenging courses each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from April through October, plus 4 or 5 tournaments at other courses each  year. You can play as often or as little as you like.  The golfing experience has been great, but the friendships I've enjoyed with each member have been equally rewarding."-Lynn Foster


Local Golf Rules

Our Clubs local golf rules are intended to provide consistent rule application specific to the courses we play and to improve the speed of play.


Winter rules (lift, clean, and place within 6 inches no closer to the hole) will be in play through the end of May. From June 1 until the end of the season we will play the ball down unless otherwise announced by the course coordinators.


Bunkers may be out of play at Chehalem Glenn and the Bayou when announced at the course by the coordinators or steering committee member. The drop area without penalty is one club length from the nearest point of relief no nearer the hole. The point of nearest relief no nearer the hole may be on the side or the back of the bunker.


In order to avoid slow play, any ball that you think might have gone out of bounds or has been hit into an area where it is more than likely lost, you should announce and hit a provisional ball. If you have failed to hit a provisional ball and find later that your ball is OB or lost, you may drop a ball with a two-stroke penalty.


White stakes (OB) or lost ball not in a penalty area is a stroke and distance penalty. You must:

  1. Hit another ball from the original lie with a one-stroke penalty, or

  2. Drop a ball within the area depicted in the diagram below, no nearer the hole with a two stroke penalty. This allows the ball to be moved to the nearest fairway edge plus 2 club lengths. You may not hit a ball from an OB lie.


Note: At the Bayou the road along hole #4 and the tall grass on the north side of hole #9 are out of bounds.

Yellow penalty areas (marked with yellow lines or yellow stakes) give the player two relief options (Rules 17.1d) (1) stroke-and-distance relief, and (2) back-on-the-line-relief. A ball hit from the tee area may be re-teed.


Red penalty areas (marked with red lines or red stakes) give the player an extra lateral relief option (Rule 17.1d(3) lateral relief (only for red penalty area), in addition to the two relief options available for yellow penalty areas. Note: At the Bayou the unmowed areas on the river side of hole #1, #2, and #3 are lateral penalty areas.


Drop Zones: Use designated drop zones where available to avoid slow play.



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